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Regional Excos

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Film Makers Forum has a  governing body and is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight for the management and operations of the forum. The excos is responsible for making important decisions that affect the forum’s performance and direction, such as setting the overall strategy, selecting and evaluating the performance of the forum and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

In terms of legal and regulatory requirements, the composition, meetings and decision-making processes of the diaspora exco are usually regulated by laws and regulations.

They are typically required to attend regular exco meetings, usually held on notice.

An executive committee serves as the organization’s steering committee, presenting various organizational issues to the board in order of priority. They research governance, investments, industry risk, and other relevant business matters, compiling findings and presenting a report to the board for further action. The committee also delegates power to ensure the organization achieves its goals and executes the overall strategic plan. The executive committee responds to emergency issues, especially when the board has a large membership and members are located in different locations. As a smaller committee, members can meet on short notice to address urgent issues, ensuring the availability of cash funds and overseeing the recovery process. The executive committee also serves as a mentor to board members, accelerating their integration and helping them break into their new role. The committee members facilitate orientation and training, communicate board meeting rules, meet privately before the first meeting, introduce the board members, coach during meetings, regularly check in to confirm progress, and provide resources for learning more about the role. Additionally, the executive committee ensures and facilitates annual board self-examinations, contributing to productive leadership governance practices.